PESology is the original and definitive school of PES that helps to improve your myClub skills.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of the series, here at PESology you will learn all there is to know about myClub. Uncover new tips and tricks, keep up to date with the latest in game managers and agents and ultimately, shape yourself into an all around myClub expert.

Founded in 2012 by one of the most informative PES players around – PESEP, PESology introduces you to the advanced side of Konami’s flagship online mode. As many online warriors will know, myClub is a wholly different game under the hood compared to the basic gameplay with lots of hidden features driving the on pitch action. Simply playing your top rated superstars won’t be enough to beat top opponents especially as most players now have stacked teams due to Featured Players and agents. Make no mistake, you will still lose games and silly stuff will still happen on the pitch! But utilizing the right setup and having a solid approach to each game will help you to improve. Advanced tactics and formations, manager familiarity and adaptability and player form all play a role both off and on the pitch. Team Spirit defines how your whole squad performs.

And there’s even more to study and learn when incorporating attack/defense levels, set pieces, skills and aerial tricks as well as attacking routes and defending techniques, scouts, player role cards and a thorough guide on defending, goalkeeping and shooting. Simple football is the key to winning games consistently on myClub.

Of course, PESology will also cover the basics of . PESology will also be home to some exclusive downloadable content

PESology will be broken into 4 main categories.

  • Tactics & Formations
  • Managers, Familiarity & Team Spirit
  • Tips & Tricks
  • PESology Content

Choosing the right manager is the most important aspect of MyClub mode as a manager controls how your team performs. Defensive line and high Team spirit are vital to succeed online. Our PESologoist PESEP will walk you through choosing the correct manager and best tactics for your play style.

There will also be an in-depth look at lower rated to higher rated managers which will be updated every few weeks. This will help you get the best out of your team in order to have successful myClub journey.

Having the right tactics will also make a huge difference playing PES2020 this year. Tips and tricks will cover hidden gems to sign or look out when opening packs, who to train up and develop and will also cover in game tips such as manual goalkeeping and offside traps as well as other nuggets of information.