PES 2020 Launch Week Schedule


Konami have announced some details for the official launch of eFootball PES 2020 with a post on their official site confirming what fans can expect on the 10th and 12th of September.

First announcing on Twitter, Official PES revealed some new details including the first data pack and patch which will both land on September 10th. Data pack 1.01 will offer updated player models and licenses as well the first event in new mode Match Day which will be focused on UEFA Euro 2020. The patch will also make some gameplay adjustments and tweaks. 

pes 2020 option file

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Then on the 12th of September, the first Live Update will go live and bring with it the new Summer transfers and a host of new in game images. And also, there are some small gameplay adjustments which have been implemented. 


  1. Hey, so me and some of my mates are new to pes and we were wondering on the 12th do we do the update and then install the option file? Or the other way round? Or does it matter which way round we do it? Sorry about the random questions, we are just a bit confused what to do