PESUniverse Showcase : PESMOTD


Next up on our PESUniverse Showcase Interviews, we meet up with Tom, aka PESMOTD. Tom has proven to be a key addition to the PESUniverse team, seamlessly fitting into many different roles. Be that a Goal of The Month/Season competition or working hand in hand with our amazing Classic Option File editors, Tom has taken everything in stride and is now reaping the rewards of such hard work. We caught up with Tom after he attended the PES World Finals alongside PESUniverse stalwart Bibby to get some insight into the man behind the competitions……


So, for the lay person who has no clue about content creators on PES, would you care to give us a introduction for yourself?

 My name is Tom, I’m a dad, video editor and PES addict.


What game first got you into gaming?

I started gaming in the mid-80s when I got my first computer an Amstrad CPC 464. Back then games came on tapes and took hours to load. I can’t remember one game over another but games like Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy were favourites. From there I got a Sega Master System and then a Megadrive where I played Super Kick Off and Sensible Soccer. My first PES memory was back on N64 with International Super Star Soccer 64. I played every version of PES there was on Playstation, I used to edit the player data by myself and share amongst all my friends.


You’ve become closely linked with the Classic Editors and the fantastic job that they have all done with the Classic Option File, how fun is it to work with the Classic Editors?

I started editing classic teams back for version 2 of the classic file under the guidance of H777man who sparked the editing bug in me and since then I’ve made dozens of classic club sides and loads of classic kits. I’ve recently had the pleasure of learning from Ratmundo who has passed on some fantastic tips on how to improve face editing. He is a knowledgeable guy and his passion for the classics passes on to the rest of us. His recent world cup classic option file is a thing to behold. I’ve had so much fun playing it and he has inspired me to go and make several new classic club sides. I’m also working with Donatoson, Slarkmeister and Pippjfreak who are all PES retro fans and we have a lot of fun discussing the legends and creating new teams. All great blokes, check out their work!


Your GOTM was a mainstay this season and had some fantastic goals, for you, what was your personal favourite and why?

It’s impossible to choose because there has been so many. The top 10 goals of the season video will be out soon. Tigana is an incredible player and scores some mind-blowing goals but if I had to choose it would be a goal from Play to Enjoy’s Jack999able’s, his solo run with Zaha. He does so many tricks and sombreros it’s unreal! Also check out Play to Enjoy’s site, a really amazing alternative to the standard online PES options.


Do you play much of the game online or is it primarily offline for yourself?

I spend most of my time editing classic players then playing with them. Konami give me few options to play with these edited legends online that I’m almost 100% offline player, and I love it. This version of PES is probably my favourite ever!


What content can we expect from you this season?

Well I’ve just returned from the PES League World Finals, which was  a lot of fun. Hopefully Bibby and I will be able to bring you some interviews with the top players! For PES 2018, I will of course be continuing the Goal of the Month series and Showboat, the little hints from Asim and Adam leave me with great hope this can take PES 2017s great playability to another level. If the editing functions have been improved and its easy for us to transfer all the amazing legends over to PES2018 then I’ll be doing classic World Cups, Champions Leagues, European Championships, FA Cups, Copa Americas and potentially an epic Retro Master League. I cannot wait! If you’re lucky I may even start streaming!


Well we’re happy to have you onboard and we look forward to seeing many more GOTM competitions. Thanks for your time Tom.

Thank you!


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