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And finally in our series of PESUniverse Showcase Interviews, we sat down with Sep aka PESEP. A true linchpin of the PES community, Sep has become a go-to personality for so many players of PES, be they old or new. We sat down with the great man to get his thoughts on how his PES experience has grown over his career.


So for the lay person who has no clue about content creators on PES, would you care to give us a introduction for yourself?

I`ve been playing PES since the 1st ever series came out, I started sharing my thoughts, tips and tricks on forums on back in 2013 which most of it became the site`s official news item, then transformed my text/image content in videos on YouTube back in 2014, then expanded to streaming on Twitch & the attraction went very well and started getting some acknowledgements in the PES community.


What first got you into YouTube? Did you have any particular Youtubers who you drew inspiration from?

My inspiration had to be the midnitekid with MLO series, never forgetting the trade mark “Harty” screaming.


What game first got you into gaming?

Mortal Kombat and PES.


PESology is synonymous with yourself, could you give us a brief insight into what this is and why you feel it has become so popular amongst the PES Community?

PESology is simply informative PES. The idea and the name it defines what I do as a content creator on YouTube and streamer or streaming style, known the game inside out in depth details. I believe it has became popular through Livestreaming, mainly
as I do and did a lot of private and personal 1v1 lessons of PES and the outcome was successful for those who took the tips and lessons
so I came up with a name “PESology”.


You have a very loyal fan base in terms of your Twitch and YouTube channels, what do you feel you owe this to?

It was hard at the start like anyone who starts from ground zero with no support, but when you do it as a hobby & pour your heart out with hard work it does pay off. I can say it was very hard and slow progress till I got known. Once I got known, then support came from Konami and other PES youtubers such as Lelly2sxc, midnitekid then PESUniverse & collaboration with TTB inspired confidence since he is the biggest PES YouTuber from a very long time, not forgetting the fans of course.


You also head up PESFamily, which has proved a gateway for so many streamers to gain a following, what was your original goal for PESFamily? And if there was a goal, do you feel you’ve achieved this?

When I started streaming PES there was barley anyone streaming it, then numbers went to 3 consistent streamers. I was lucky to have a fan base from YouTube where it gave me a boost to have a larger audience on Twitch live stream! I wanted to use my large fans base to support others which is something not alot streamers do when they have what they need they don’t have to support others the way i do. As a small community on Twitch, I wanted all PES streamers to unite as a community and not competitors, that was a reason to start Team PESFamily meaning everyone who joins the team will get instant boost and getting known by regulars on Twitch PES community which getting known by Konami as I`m the UK/EU leader for Kcode PES Stream Team, something very very hard and slow progress if you started with zero support from others which how I started and I know how hard it is therefore always have supported new PES streamers. PESFamily’s goal has been achieved indeed as its an official Twitch Stream Team mainly & has boosted a lot of new streamers.


Well we are looking forward to your content with great anticipation this year, as is the PES community. Thanks very much for your time.

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