PES Universe Showcase : ItsDavidFish


Next up on our Showcase, we sit down with IDF. After joining the PESUniverse ranks this year and with his eye on the ball, David has amassed a vocal and passionate following that are always cheering him on. We caught up with David and asked him some questions to introduce himself to those who aren’t too familiar with him.


So, for the lay person who has no clue about content creators on PES, would you care to give us an introduction for yourself?

Hmm, I’m predominantly a streamer on Twitch. I wouldn’t say I bring anything unique to the platform but people tend to enjoy the blend of good football, good music and average commentary.


What game first got you into gaming?

I remember the day my mum came home with a Super Nintendo and Mario Allstars. Since then I’ve always been a gamer. I even pulled it out of its box for a reboot not long ago!


Was PES your first love in terms of football games? If not, what made you change over to PES?

Yes, the first football game I played was ‘Premier League Allstars’ but I was far too young to know what I was doing. In terms of the first one that really caught my imagination and that I sunk a lot of time into was Pro Evolution Soccer on the PS2. I got it bundled with my PS2 for Christmas and my brother and I absolutely sweated it out the entire holiday!


You have a huge following on Twitch, what do you feel you owe this to?

I don’t really pay much attention to my follower number, it’s nice but it’s also irrelevant. Certain games get more follows but less viewers and vice versa. I appreciate everyone that hits the follow button, but I appreciate the people who hit the follow button and then stick around even more! If I had to put it down to one thing I would say – support. Twitch is this amazing platform where people help each other grow, whether it be through hosts, raids, or retweets. Very rarely will you find someone who isn’t willing to help someone else get the exposure they need to get their channel to grow!


You’re seen by some sections of the PES Community as ‘The Entertainer’, due to your interactive streams and great gameplay, do you feel this is a fair tag for yourself?

I’ll take that! I try to be as entertaining as possible and its always something I’m conscious about when live. Whether that be through my actual game play and trying to play attractive football and score beautiful goals, or through my off the cuff commentary! Sometimes between matches there’s quite a bit of downtime so I try to think of ways to keep people as engaged as possible! If people really are referring to me as ‘The Entertainer’ then I’m heading in the right direction.


Do you play much of the game offline?

I did when it first released. I got hooked into a Master League as Sporting Lisbon. I see myself as quite a competitive person though and it was only a matter of time before the online aspect took over! There’s nothing more rewarding then getting that well earned victory to claim Division 1 on MyClub! I literally can’t wait for online Co Op in PES2018 though, that is a complete game changer!


As with all streamers, have you set yourself any goals for yourself this year?

I have. I have hit a few already but recently taken some time away from Twitch and streaming to deal with some real-life stuff. This has no doubt set me back a little but I’m more motivated than ever to get my channel to the place I want it! I have tonnes of ideas and content planned for PES2018, we’ll keep it under wraps for now though.


We’ve seen different overlay setups for yourself this year, is graphic design a passion of yours?

No doubt. I see myself as a perfectionist which is why I’ve gone through 3-4 rebrands already this year haha! I just keep creating and experimenting until something clicks! I’ve always been interested in all aspects of design, but graphic design takes the top spot! Colour theory, negative space all that sort of stuff gets me super inspired! Nerd alert!


No doubt the PES Community is really looking forward to seeing your content this year, as are we. As always, thanks very much for your time.

It’s been a pleasure!


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